Which Church should I go to in Groningen?

The simple answer is: whichever one suits you best! Here at HOST-IFES, we believe there is no "best" church, it's simply about finding a church where you feel comfortable and where you feel you can grow in your relationship with God, and there are many different churches to choose from in Groningen.

We know finding an English-speaking church can be difficult in a Dutch-speaking country, so here is a list of some churches which offer services in English, or translation. The list is not extensive; for more information about Church, feel free to contact us:

Christian Centre Groningen (CCG)

"Every Sunday at 10.00hr we meet with many people from all over the world. Together we celebrate God’s grace and we sing for Jesus, our great King. During the week, we also have Small Groups for internationals where we eat, worship, pray and have fun together with other internationals."

Vineyard Church Groningen

"We are an international and multicultural English-speaking Church. Our members have different nationalities, cultures and denominational backgrounds, but through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, we are bound together in love and unity."

Vrije Baptiste Gemeente (Stadskerk VBG)

"There is English translation every service. You can get more information at the service desk at the central hall."

Grace Church "Welcome to Grace Church Groningen, an international church in the Anglican tradition. We seek, by the grace of God, to grow in Him in order to be a worshipping, learning, caring and witnessing Christian community, like the first church in the Bible (Acts 2). We hope to show God’s love by supporting each other and by serving the city and the world. Whatever your nationality or background, we hope you feel at home among us!"

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